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A Place Where Art is Sacred


Founded in 2018 in Orchard, Singapore, TAF Gallery presents an exciting roster of established and emerging artists. TAF (The Art Fund) Gallery, is a private gallery, founded by a team of art collectors, enthusiasts, and creative minds that source for quality investment art. Uncovering diamonds from the rough around the world. The mission of TAF is to bring the artists, collectors, enthusiasts, dealers, museums, and galleries together to create new possibilities & opportunities for artists. Also, to create an art fund for education and charity purposes. We value our commitment to the art community.

“Curating artistic value for the discerning.”

These fresh expressions involve with the topics of today – globalism, new technology, contemporary urban society, the environment – yet in lively dialogue with the presents and aesthetics of the past. TAF Gallery represents the important advantage of contemporary art practices – new media, sculpture, and collective models of production. The gallery provides an interior exhibition space of 6,000 sqft which is set over two floors and has a ceiling height of over 3.5 meters. The building was designed by a famous international architect.